Let's deconstruct, shall we?The president talked a lot about weapons of mass destruction in that speech, but he also addressed all these other concerns from supporting terrorism (Has the left also forgotten the Salmon Pak terrorist training facility?) to repressing the Iraqi people.>> Seems like there still is NO proof that Al Queda was working with Hussein. None. If there was, i think it would be trumpeted and loudly proclaimed. Instead, silence. When the president addressed the Iraqi people, he didn't mention a word about WMD. He talked about freedom.>> True but when addressing the American people whom he supposedly leads, he focused on WMD and terrorism. How else does one justify a first-strike, aggressive war (as opposed to a war of legitimate self-defense)? Those focusing exclusively on the WMDs are simply desperate, out-of-power people seeking to inflict any damage they can on Bush.>> Out of power, yes. Desperate, no. Bush is the one bombing countries, creating a monstruous deficit, and raping the environment. He's the one that's inflicting great damage on this nation and on the earth. What's shocking is that they're the same people who always honored themselves by speaking out in favor of human rights, yet they would've left the Iraqi people to the tender mercies of Saddam's thugs rather than see them liberated by this president.>> What's really funny are all these sudden lovers of the Iraqui people who until Hill and Knowlton did the wag the dog campaign on Bush I, had no clue where Iraq was despite years of activism from human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Ditto for the new lovers of the Iraqui people who until Bush II decided he needed another country to bomb to keep his ratings up had no concern for the freedom of the Iraquis. What about the poor Saudis? or the poor Burmese? or the poor Palestinians? what about their freedom? The newfound love for the Iraqui people is bullshit - and that will be revealed when the "liberated" Iraquis bleed the US out of Iraq, jsut like Hezzbollah bled the Israelis out of Lebanon. Sad but true. Hypocrisy rampant, the future uncertain, more and more lives being destroyed, and the occupants of the White House laugh at the stupidity of the American people everytime they issue another bold lie. They learned Goebbel's lesson well: when you lie, lie BIG.