A great show was had on Friday the thirteenth with the help of a lot of friends, including Margaux, Nadine, Martin, Andrew, Melinda, Stephanie, Janai, Joanna, and Jason. Look for more combos of spoken word and puppets in the future.People who came also had the opportunity to sign a petition calling for the indictment of General Pinochet for the 1976 car-bombing in Washington, DC; to all presidential candidates calling for repeal of Patriot Act I and opposition to Patriot II; and participated in contest to find Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, the reason given by Bush for launching the nation into a pre-emptive war thast, by the way, continues to claim lives of GIs and Iraquis alike.In the meantime, from moveon.org, an on-line petition:1. Please call for an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the distortion of Iraq intelligence. The investigation should include open hearings with testimony from government and outside witnesses that conclude with an unclassified report to the American people. 2. Please co-sponsor H. Res. 260, a Resolution of Inquiry that compels the administration to turn over “documents or other materials in the President’s possession” to substantiate claims that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the U.S.. The House International Relations Committee is expected to vote on this resolution on Wednesday, June 18th. Some committee members may vote against this resolution by claiming that Congressional hearings will be sufficient. This would be a mistake. The closed-door hearings will not produce the answers that this resolution requires – and the American people deserve. A President may make no more important decision than whether or not to take a country to war. If Bush or his officials deceived the American public to create support for the Iraq war, he needs to be held accountable.