Here is a sports fan’s analogy that pretty much sums up the previous administration:Bill Clinton became the Quarterback of a team that was in first place. From that point on Bill seemed more interested in the cheerleaders than the game. At one point during a play he dropped his pants, exposed himself, and asked a cheerleader to “kiss it” – while his pants were around his ankles the other team took the ball and scored a touchdown. Later, Bill Clinton was on the sidelines having a cheerleader perform fellatio – the offense had no choice and snapped the ball to the empty backfield (Bill’s moans could be heard over the crowd noise) - the defense grabbed ball and scored again. Near the end of the season, Bill’s team was in last place. The coaches decided to fire him because the team went from first place to last place while Bill was quarterback. So the team got a new quarterback – the next day Bill says to the media “See, the team is in last place. It is all the new quarterback’s fault”