Mike, If I remember correctly, the author of your posting, Amir Taheri, wrote an interesting book called "Den of Thieves" which among other aspects, discussed the role of the CIA in destabilizing Iran. But that was a while ago, i think mid-80s, when his book came out.I agree that liberal democracy is infinitely better than theocratic tyranny as in Saudi Arabia or just plain tyranny. But the Bush team has proven themselves to be deceitful scoundrels who have no idea what they're doing. Our worst fears are being confirmed and US GIs continue to be picked off on a daily basis. Just so that Cheney's and Bush's oil and contracting pals could get big payoffs. Disgraceful. Makes Clinton look like an altar boy. And these are the kleptocrats who promised to bring "dignity" to the White House? If "dignity" is a code word for shameless stealing and lying.p.s. Richard Perle is the Antichrist