Dear Pepe,Murder is murder no matter who does the killing and for what reason. Murder is ugly and wrong whether it be by a bullet, a 1,000lb laser guided missle or a lethel injection into the arm. Murderers should be punished when they kill the innocent they should not be killed for it though. I don't think the Mumia Abu-Jamal case is as simple as you stated, even if it were does another murder help solve the problem of gun violence in any way? Espescially for someone who is potentially innocent.For those of you who want a more detailded report about the case than Pepe's summary, please read this article by Terry Bisson from New York Newsday: are some facts Pepe "forgot" to mention:"Mumia was driving a cab that night. It is undisputed that he intervened. It is undisputed that both he and officer Daniel Faulkner were shot, and that Faulkner died. What is in dispute is who killed Faulkner. Mumia says it was someone else, and several witnesses saw another shooter flee the scene. Mumia's legally registered .38 was never decisively linked to Faulkner's wounds. Mumia's murder trial was a policeman's dream. Denied the right to represent himself, he was defended by a reluctant incompetent who was later disbarred (and who has since filed an affadavit in Mumia's support detailing his delinquencies). Mumia was prosecuted by a DA who was later reprimanded for withholding evidence in another trial. He was allowed only $150 to interview witnesses. But best of all was the judge. A life member of the Fraternal Order of Police, branded as a "defendant's nightmare" by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Judge Albert F. Sabo has sentenced more men to die (31 to date, only two of them white) than any other sitting judge in America. A fellow judge once called his courtroom a "vacation for prosecutors" because of bias toward convictions."On the other hand there are well documented, even videotaped cases of soldiers killing innocent civilians in Iraq, some victims being unarmed children. Would you send our boys to the injection chamber for this? Or how about the "coldblooded" killing of unarmed civilian Amadou Diallo by the NYPD. The officers who shot him never even took a pay cut. What is the difference between that murder and the murder of Daniel Faulkner? They know who shot and killed Amadou Diallo.