That's the problem with some - any disagreement is interpreted as a personal attack. So the French didn't want to get stuck with the catastrophe that the Bushies have created in Iraq - oh but no, it's not that, they're just trying to poke a finger in America's eye.So the French think that the death penalty is wrong and they happen to know that one person convicted, Mumia, was done so in a unfair trial, but no, it's not that they disagree with the wanton bloodlust that seems to drive so many of our policies, they just want to stick a finger in America's eye.I suppose those who think that are still eating "freedom fries." Funny though, the Congress already changed the name to the rightful "french fries."VIVE LA FRANCE!!(that is when they're not doing nuclear tests out in the Pacific, blowing up Greenpeace ships, and making a mess out of Africa)