Dear Socialist friends,Last week on Fox News I was treated to an interview with the head of that austere organization The guys name is Zack Exley, but after I heard him speak I decided it should be Zack Dislexley. Before I go into his current war views on Iraq I would like to mention what the group originally got together for. It was the front organization for the devil in the blue dress, et al., damage control. It was the ‘whatever the Democrats did was okay’ organization but if a Republican did it, ‘Off with the gloves’. That was pretty much the ground zero point for the ‘it’s personal business’ if you have a pattern of sex with your underlings, but public if you’re a "" as their followers liked to call us. When the Democrats had Packwood on the ropes for similar charges the Republicans got rid of him because you just can’t have that kind of a person in your ranks unless you’re a Democrat. After Packwood was removed from office, Clinton and ‘Team Integrity’ got together to create a nice little law that allows civil court testimony to be used in Federal sexual harassment cases. The purpose of that law was political and turned out to be quite useful, but much to my delight not for the Democrats who created it. The next time they saw that law they were looking at it like a deer in the headlights of an eighteen wheeler. The liberal view was that it was ’s personal business never mind the fact that lied in a civil court case in order to deny Paula Jones her justice. The charges were perjury and obstruction of justice in the Paula Jones case, not sex in the office. But helped to feed the view that it was actually just sex. They repeated the lie often enough that it became the truth to many very slooooooow people. was strangely silent when their hero attacked Yugoslavia. They never uttered a word about the loony launches of cruise missiles at nothing in the Mid-East. But now that we are in the middle of the war that should have fought they are quite vociferous. What a surprise. They think they smell blood in the water and they are correct. They just aren’t sharp enough to realize they are hemorrhaging and the blood they smell is their own. Those who have been treated as plebeians have awakened to their foolishness and they want this country to actually be defended. People realize we don’t have the military we used to have because it was gutted for the sake of social engineering projects. Now in the middle of all of this we have Zack dislExley saying we need to fire the team that "misunderestimated" the war in Iraq. First off misunderestimated isn’t even a real word. He doesn’t even realize that either. He reminds me of the old hippies in the sixties. He offers criticism but no solutions. Alan Colmes on ‘Hannity and Colmes’ was asking him what he had to bring to the table as solutions, and what he would do differently. DislExley only said the eighty seven billion should be going to the troops. To me that was a classic feel good redirect. It is a blatantly fraudulent support the troops catch all answer we will be hearing a lot from the Democrats in the near future. If we were to go with his concept, when the troops leave Iraq it would be worse than right after the war. If we don’t rebuild the place it will be even more of a breeding ground for terrorists. The advertisement has created against the war is the same ole same ole. They are showing kids with no desks or schools and no teachers as they turn the phrase everyone left behind through imagery. I did notice they didn’t show a picture of the WTC rubble as an example of what happens when you don’t have a fully functioning intelligence agency. Even our intelligence services were PC’d to death. The Democrats were the noisiest about "what did they know and when did they know it". The 9/11 intelligence failure was their fault! The entire message of organizations such as, A.N.S.W.E.R., etc is a socialist message that feeds on greed, jealousy and cowardice. Their hope is that the people here will begin to think about what they could have had with that money so they can later on point to an incomplete Iraq and say "See nothing was accomplished there. It was a waste of lives and money." It is yet another lie and redirect. Zack dislExley is a fine example of the radical left. They are long on complaints and short on real solutions. As far as learning curves go……..these guys are all flat-liners!I know you guys proudly march in lock-step with these kind of groups. I hope some day you will realize the path they are leading you down is a path to nowhere.