Franklin and company.I thought I'd let you guys know, the Peace Not War group is looking for bands for their upcoming second istallation Peace Not War comp. 1st one features the likes of Crass, Chumbawamba, Public Enemy, Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, etc.So,why not Blowback, eh?Here's the contact info!we want anti-war and pro-peace music and artfor this website and for the next Peace Not War CDssubmission deadline 12noon, Monday 16th February 2004download the information sheet as Acrobat PDF (404k)MUSIC:Please send your anti-war songs on professional-quality, mint-condition audio CDs (CDs are the preferred format, but DAT and other formats accepted too).We will master all the tracks together, so unmastered (ie uncompressed) tracks are preferred, unless you have professional mastering facilities.Send carefully packaged CDs by registered post or courier to:Peace Not WarPO Box 44212LondonE3 4WBUKAND send the following info by email(preferably as attached Word document, RTF, Text file etc, or in email text):all credit information (writers, producers, performers & instrumentation, copyright owners, publishers, dates, license info etc)and also full lyrics and transcriptions of samples(uncleared samples of copyrighted audio not accepted, so evidence of sample clearance should be included. If you cannot get hold of a speaker or musician you have sampled, then perhaps we can contact them if you ask us).NB: songs will not be considered for the next CD without all this informationor email a high-quality MP3 (or link to download page) with lyrics & credit info and also book a venue to hold a peace concert on Feb 15th 2004(proposed international day of peace concerts).IMAGES:We would like to add your anti-war/pro-peace images to our website.Please attach a high-resolution JPG (at least 1000 pixels X 1000 pixels) to an email addressed to images@peace-not-war.orgIf you want your images to be in a CD booklet, you'll need to send the original artwork, or high-resolution file on a CD or Zip disk - with 300dpi TIF, Photoshop, EPS, PNG, AI, or similar file (NOT JPG).We would also like Flash animations, Quicktime movies, MiniDV tapes, etc...Peace Not WarPO Box 44212LondonE3 4WBUK