Yes, Hack. Same old denial of facts, same old denial that the Administration is built on LIES.So the Administration is zealously pursuing O'Neil for the possibility that he may have disclosed a secret document while stalling about the fact that someone in the Administration actually blew the cover of an Agency operative.O'Neil who actually thought that the budget deficit is a problem - along with Alan Greenspan - are poo-pooed by Cheney who tells them that Reagan showed that "deficits don't matter."It continues to demonstrate that the Administration has no principles, only the raw pursuit of power. And Mr. Laughing below, feels vindicated because "they" are in power. Yet it seems like Mr. Laughing doesn't like Mr. Bush's pal, Vicente Fox.No principle, no right or wrong, just arrogance, power, and lies. But like a house of cards, this Administration will crumble under the combined weight of its lies and its inability to tell the truth, as the repeated lying about Air Force One shows time and again.First they ignore, then they ridicule, then they attack.