Yes, the entire American political structure has been dealt a fatal blow by CBS's unwillingness to air a commercial. Give me a break. For the record, it is my understanding that no issue-advocacy commercials have ever been aired during the Super Bowl.If I were a contributor to, I'd question whether spending $2.3 million on one ad was really the best use of resources.I'm just as glad to have had a few hours uninterrupted by politics, whether by MoveOn and like-minded groups or by their counterparts on the right. And the one minute boycott is meaningless, particularly in your case, since you weren't going to watch anyway.BTW, you might actually try to learn something about the NFL, which actually functions in a somewhat socialistic manner -- all TV profits are shared equally among the teams, arguably the best labor relations in professional sports, among other things -- before making simple-minded charges of "capitalist pig."