How much would YOU pay to see an execution on TV. Hmmmmm.Depends.Is it a runofthemill murderer ... or a major wacko a la John Wayne Casey ... or a major cause-celeb murderer? Also, what form of execution? Lethal injection? booooring!Anyway, if I were pay-per-view, I'd put the average execution at about $5.50 and I'd put the famous serial murderers or celebraty murderers out at $29.50.I'd have to price the Mumia electric-chair extravaganza at $49.00 -- but with a promise to give 50% of all profits to the widows and orphans of murdered cops. The real money is in merchandising anayway. There'd be the Mumia action figure with electric-chair accessory; the sourpuss incessant whiney enabling leftist action figure (which I'd model after our good friend Franklin) -- pull his string and he whines "Free Mumia"; the executioner action figure with kung-fu grip -- just press his belly and he throws "the switch" ... and a big ol' Satan action figure with pitchfork waiting to drag Mumia straight to hell.