So President Aristide is on hios way back to the Caribbean. The Pacific Radio show "Democracy Now" has been doing a fantastic job staying on the story, despite the corporate media's boredom with it. I encourage you to tune in or got to their website for streaming radio, or something like that: http://www.democracynow.orgIn fact, the show's host, Amy Goodman, travelled to the Central African Republic, the place to which Aristide was spirited away and seemingly held, and is on the plane on its way to Jamaica.This case is remarkable as since his arrival in the Central African Republic, President Aristide has charged that he was kidnapped. This was of course disputed by the Bush Administration with Secretary Power calling it absurd. The corporate media seems to be ignoring the story. Somehow Powell, the chief liar before the UN on the Iraqi WMD charge, is now credible in saying the US had nothing to do with Arisitide's ouster.Yet, as disppasionate as they've pretended to be, Rice and Rumsfeld, stellar truth tellers on Iraq (Rice: watch out for the mushroom clouds; Rumsfeld: we know exactly where the WMD are) were showing their true colors in the morning talk shows yesterday saying that it was bad news for Aristide to return to the Caribbean.Maybe this time they're telling the truth: of course it's bad news for the US who is currently occupying Haiti to have Haiti's legitimate leader return to the region!The Administration's party tends to despise Aristide. The State Department's main man on the hemisphere, Roger Noriega, was Jesse Helms staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, dealing mainly with the Western Hemisphere. Helms hated Aristide and was generally the conduit for CIA disinformation campaigns, like the one in the early 1990s when at the height of the defacto regime's killing spree, aided by the CIA ally and protege the FRAPH, the CIA, through Helms claimed that most of the killings could not be attributed to the de facto regime and the FRAPH. Either the CIA had it all wrong (certainly a possibility) or the CIA was covering for the death squads (certainly a possibility).Don't forget, the CIA blows chunks! Pass it on!