If Saddam was disconnected to Alqueda why Alqueda in Spain? Because when george walker bush and his rabid international hot for war cronies like Spain and the British and other small time countries decided to attack instead Saddam Hussein in the search of the illusionary "weapons of mass destruction" instead of pursuing Osama Bin Laden which according to the U.S. was the culprit of 9-11, Mr. bush let down all the victims of the twin towers and let down Congress and our Country and voters in the United States today would do well to stop pretending we have been well informed because we have not and as result we are facing the biggest economical downfall and job shortage in america's history because the monies which could have been used here in the country were wasted in this vicious persecution of the illusion of "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"WHEN THE WEAPONS USED IN 9-11 DID NOT HAVE TO BE SEARCHED IN IRAQ NOR WERE ANY OF THE HIJACKER TRAINED STATE OF FLORIDA PILOTS CITIZENS of Iraq in fact there were very much of the origin of egyptian nationalities and while North Korea posed the biggest threat to allhumanity mr.bush instead went after Saddam Hussein to settle an old grudge he had with Iraq using the backdrop of 9-11 and our billions of taxfundsTHIS IS WHAT THAT WIMP APPOINTED 'president' has done,he has betrayed the country and everyone who has suffered a consequence from mr. bush's rabid political war agendas where american soldiers are paying the priceI ALSO THINK IT IS HIGH TIME THAT OUR AMERICAN TROOPS WERE BROUGHT BACK FROM THOSE HOSTILE REGIONS WHERE TO BEGIN WITH, WE SHOULD'NT EVEN BE THERE SO LETS STOP PRETENDING WE HAVE A "PRESIDENT" AND GET A REAL ONE BY VOTING FOR JOHN KERRYbecause no matter what any of you say, John Kerry is the only choice america has at this time and if we want to return our country to the normal temperatures of a good economy we cannot be depending on the color codes of fear alert the bush administration uses trying to intimidate us into panic and fear so guess what mr. bush?apparently you are the biggest problem in our country and I ask all terrorists to give our country an opportunity to get this republican thugs and frauds out of office before touching any piece of land to commit any act which is not necessary because we have seen enough with the twin towers and we dont want bloodshed in our country like in Spain, I remind all the terrorists groups in the world that in November of 2004 the people of the United States will decide whether we are also like Spain going to go attacking nations for political reasons like Iraq or are we going to place somebody in office who has promised to "never ever" send our troops in harms way unecessarily like John Kerrysure Saddam Hussein was disconnected from 9-11, but 9-11 came as a result of the over cozy relationship by the U.S. with Israel where to the eyes of the world the Palestinian people are being subjected to the tyranny of Israel and to the eyes of the world, this old city in the old war of palestine we have stood there and watched and approved because the american trigger happy lunatico in the whitehouse would rather do this than what his job description called for which was not making a commander in chief out of the biggest Texas thief of elections of 2000 but a job to as "president" of the U.S. run the affairs of the country for the betterment of the people but instead with bush the corporations are running the whitehouseand so I ask everyone to before trying to defame the only choice Americans have to remember that we are an America who is not blind to what fraud bush has been for this country and not blind to the exploitation of the Iraqi contracts by the Halliburton company, a cheney vice president connection so Alqueda in Spain? if the bush administration and Spain and Britain had not attacked Iraq, the terrorists in the world would not have been forced to act and george bush and Mr. Aznar, should enjoy bathing their hands in the terror both of these conservatives have brought so good riddance for Mr.AZnar and now all we have to do is get rid of bush to fix the countrie's problemsAND FOR LYING TO CONGRESS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BECAUSE LET US NEVER FORGET THAT JOHN KERRY IS THAT AMERICAN CONGRESS WHO WAS VICIOUSLY DECIEVED AND LIED TO BY BUSH/CHENEY, OTHERWISE HOW COULD BUSH GET THE CONGRESSIONAL VOTE ON IRAQ? AND MIND YOU CONGRESS WANTED U.N. APPROVAL AND BUSH SAID NO! ILL GO ON MYOWN THAT WAY THE OIL,,,,,,,,,,,WILL BE ALL MINE BUT THEN SPAIN SAID WAIT A MINUTO REPLICANO BUSH, YOU CANNOT BATHE IN THAT BLACK GOLD ALL BY YOURSELF, LET ME HAVE A CHUNK, LIKE WHEN I STOLE THE WHOLE COUNTRY OF MEXICO, ALONG THE SAMELINES BUSH STOLE IRAQ or through invasion...........and along comes Spain and its titeres and assumes the role of a bush follower during and after the time, bush lied to the world congress the people and the american government and thinks that it will be forgivven for helping in the scheme to ripp of the Iraqi oil of a nation under U.N. sanctions at the time it was attacked with U.N. inspectors on the ground?GEORGE BUSH AND CANDOLEEZA RICE AND RONALD RUMSFELD HAVE BEEN BIG TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES AND TO IGNORE THIS MEANS DANGER TO ALL SOCIETY LET NOT THESE THREE PORKS RUIN EVERYBODY'S LIFE AND LET NOT THE HITLERTESQUE STYLE OF GEORGE BUSH INVITE THE WRATH OF WORLD TERROR BECAUSE AS AMERICANS WE ARE HOSTAGES TO THIS MENACE AND THREAT OF GEORGE BUSH WHO IS A TRAITOR TO THE COUNTRY AND WHO IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN ERRAND BOY FOR HIS BIG CORPORATIONS HEY BUSH,,,,,,,,,;YOUR MONEY HONEY,,,,,,,AINT GONNA LET YOU SIT ON THE THRONE YOU HAVE DISROBED AND ROBBED OF DECENCY AND INTEGRITY.......................... THE PEOPLE SHALL SPEAK THIS NOVEMBER BY BOOTING OUT OF OFFICE THE BIGGEST CORPORATE CONNNECTED THUG APPOINTED TO OFFICE AND WE SHALL REJOICE IN THE VICTORY OF JOHN KERRY THENEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.actually the voters of Spain rejected a government who willingly under the false lies to the world the people and Congress of "imminent threat" by the bush administration, accompanied the "american crusador" to attack Iraq placing everybody in Spain at risk as we have seen today where still, the american government has dragged its feet in getting the troops out because the political agenda by george bush is obviously more important to mr.bush than the lives of american troopsSO WRONGfor anyone to suggest that the terrorists have won because for one, the american and british and spanish government provoked the terrorists to act when their lands are invaded by force and their civilians killed to the eyes of the world these suicide missions are the only thing they have and for anybody! anybody!anybody! to suggest that terror has won is wrong and should not be voiced rather people should understand that it has been the bush administration who has forced terror to act in self defense of the american invasion of foreign countriesor do you all think it was right to just go and attack without U.N. approval the country of Iraq as if it was another Palestine for Israel to sht on?IF THE TERRORISTS HAVE STRUCK IT IS BECAUSE BUSH BLAIR AND AZNAR good riddance! PROVOKED TERROR STRIKES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF WHOM COUNTRIES THEY REPRESENT OR WHAT DID YOU THINK MR.BUSH THAT THERE WOULD BE NO RETALIATION?the people of Spain did the right thing because Spain should not allow the american government to dictate to Spain the conduction of the affairs of the world which is what has happened when Spain followed bush like a lost puppy to Iraq knowingly and intentionally knowing that the U.N. had not given its blessing so stop blaming the terrorists that the only one who has provoked terror in the world is george bush because this was the only way he could have a political platform as it has become very obvious to America and the bush allies in Spain lost because it was time to face the truth and had it not been for Spain's move to attack Iraq, those train terrors would not have happened or what did you think Spain that you made a good spectacle at the U.N. glorifing the bush dictatorship against Iraq????? you are right in that the visceral reaction to bush is not based on the facts themselves but it is based on the actions of the right wing pigs during the Clinton years and the right wingers distracted the whole country day after day with Bill and Monica and every news broadcast started with Bill scandals and you spent $70 million hounding a popular president instead of paying attention to what the terrorists were doingAnd then your special prosecutor Kenn Starr broadcast to the entire world in pornographic detail every personal sexual pecadillo of our beloved President...think we didn't hate you for it??????? We did digged deep down inside we hated you and we saw you as lying manipulating scheming demons without respect for the welfare of this country and the impression America was sending around the world through your evil witchunt and sick desire to expose it everywhere every day every newscast and the Florida election heist and the partisan Supreme Court was just too muchIf you did not preoccupy this country with sex we could have seen these jihadi beasts and we could have been educated instead of titillated and the jihadis gained enornous strength in numbers and wealth while you kept us obsessed with what Bill Clinton did with his penis and you brought this on yourselves but unfortunately we are all going down with you THE UNITED STATES WOULD DO GOOD TO KNOW HOW THE SPANISH VOTERS HOLD LIARS.............ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR LIES AND BUSH LIED AND LIED AND LIED AND LIED AND LIED TO OUR COUNTRY MORE THAN ONCE.