having quickly scanned Bordertex's postings, i think i am in agreement with a lot of itwhat i do not agree with is the characterization of "curly head Jews ... being the race who crucified Christ"1) what does physical appearance have to do with anything? 2) Jews are not a race; they are people with a common religious belief3) the Catholic Church teaches that the Jews did not crucify Jesus - according to the Gospels, the Romans did, at the prompting of some of the Jewish leaders. "SOME" not all.this type of ranting discredits the rest of the argumentsi hope you have Jewish friends: ask them what they think of what you've written; they can help you cleanse what can easily be characterized as anti-semiticagain on the later rant about "Jewish belief" about Israeli government actions. Jewish belief has a wide range just like "Christian belief."Of course there are American Jews with an Israel-right-or-wrong attitude but they do not constitute all of the Jews. And while AIPAC sucks serious ass, it does not follow that Jews do.Jesus was a Jew.