ATTENTION ANTI-SEMITES!!! This article was written in 2002 YOU are on this forum every day making it come true!What's the matter with you?"Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it." - George SantayanaWhy Jews are the World’s Scapegoats By Lorraine Stone, Oceanside, NYHamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Authority, the Lying Legionsand "Let's Ignore Inconvenient Truth" Brigades are out in force,aided by worldwide, and especially European, anti-Semitic presswringing their hypocritical hands at the alleged "humanitariandevastation" wrought by nasty Israeli Jews who dare protectthemselves against a war brought to their pizza parlors, PassoverSeders, schools and shopping malls.Terrorists start a war, then whine to an avidly receptive worldpress when a nation under attack has the gall to defend itself. TheIsraeli-produced, inappropriately labeled "humanitariancatastrophe" is condemned, while "heroic" British resistance tobuzzbombs and generalized European resistance during World War IIis eternally extolled. Why is Israeli self-defense and resistanceto human buzzbombs less "heroic"? Because the victims are Jewishand Jewish blood is fair game? It has been for millennia. Whychange now? People should know their place.Palestinian gunmen, flattering themselves as "freedom fighters,"are medieval homicidal thugs in modem dress, led by a vicious,lying aged Egyptian—not Palestinian—psychopath masquerading as a leader. What leader dispatches teenagers and grade-schoolers, to kill themselves for his aggrandizement? George Washington didn't do that, nor Toussaint L'Ouverture. Arafat(nephew of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent much of WorldWar II in Germany with his pal A Hitler) has for decadessported Rolex watches and dressed himself in designeruniforms—though, careful for his own safety, he never saw abattle, while "his" people have been cooped up in refugee camps.This wasn't Israel's doing. It was done because their so-devotedArab/ Moslem brethren, who shed crocodile tears and collectmillions to pay off the families of homicide bombers, carefullyprohibited them from emigrating to any of the 21—count-'em,Twenty-one surrounding corrupt, repressive, murdering, archaicdictatorships. All this bloodshed because a few greedy, venalcriminals—titling themselves kings and presidents-for-life ofabsolute police-state dictatorships—wanted to continuebleeding their peoples and needed a diversionary scapegoatto keep themselves in power. They are no different from Russian czars and French absolute monarchs of unlamented memory.If Europeans don't come to their senses quickly and realize they are only repeating pre-World War II history, there will be hell to pay before this is over. The European press, CNN and much of the American press are bendingover backwards to show us all how terrible the Israelis are in protectingthemselves and their society from the onslaughts of Palestinians whokill themselves for Allah (or for something like Allah, depending on the hatred and convenience of those interpreting—ormisinterpreting—the Koran for their own benefit).Yet the truth is plain and clear that if the Palestinians andthe Islamic terrorists succeed in their efforts, heartened by theirsuccess, they will surely expand into other areas. Such success inthe destruction of Israel would not end there; it would continuesouth into Africa and west into Europe, just as Hitler'sarmies did not stop at the Sudatenland but proceeded eastinto Poland and Russia and west to the coast of France and north to Norway and Denmark.(and now SPAIN)The plague spread from the Thames to the Volga, from theMediterranean to the fjords. It took years to destroy their threatto humanity and avoid a new dark age, at the cost of millions oflives. At the end, for its decision to ignore Hitler and Nazism andMussolini and Fascism and the threat they clearly and early posed,Europe in particular, from London to Leningrad, and the rest of theworld in general paid dearly. There is no reason to believe thecost this time around, administered by rabid anti-Semites,anti-Christians, anti-American, anti-Western fanatics, will beless.As George Santayana noted decades ago, "Those who fail to learnfrom history are condemned to repeat it." The greatest fear is thatthere will be just such a repetition because of people who, havinglearned of history, choose to ignore history's lessons.That choice to refuse to learn from history is plainly reflectedin the daily force-feeding of tales of Israeli "massacres,"while little or no comprehension (let alone noticeable compassion) isshown for the devastation wreaked on Israeli society byPalestinians. The crocodile tears shed nightly on CNN over thePalestinians in Jenin and elsewhere appear to be an altruisticexpression. It would be were it a balanced altruistic expression.It is not; it is merely propaganda.One can but wonder what world opinion of the Nazis in Germanycirca 1944 would have been had they had CNN to broadcast thedevastation visited upon German cities by the Allies. Would theworld not have been force-fed pictures of Dresden, Hamburg andBerlin laid waste by the Royal Airforce and the American Army AirCorp? Wouldn't that be a "humanitarian disaster"? Wouldn't theworld be invited to shed copious tears over the terriblefate—and it was terrible—of the poor German Volk? Ofcourse. It would have been a master propaganda stroke.Yet carefully kept hidden behind those pictures would stillexist Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz and Sobibor, German child soldiers,impregnated early-adolescent girls inducted into the Lebensbornabomination, abducted "German-looking" Polish children, and theobscenely grotesque "medical" experiments of Dr. Mengele. That isthe kind of slanted reportage proffered. So, the Joseph GoebbelsAward for Misrepresentative Journalism (my own invention) is a tie:It goes to everybody stupid enough not to see the similarities. AndI'm sure ol' Joe Goebbels would be thrilled.But there is a difference in 2002 from the world of 1942. Timeshave changed and so have the Jews. For 2,000 years countries theworld over used Jews as scapegoats to blame for their ownincompetence. What Arafat does is old hat. Even now, Europe, guiltyof pogroms, expulsions (read: "ethnic cleansings"), inquisitionsand, ultimately, the Holocaust, struggles to blame Jews foreverything, turning blind eyes to the truth of failed Arabsocieties and their criminalities. According to the old rules, only when the targets of attack are non-Jews is self-defense and retaliation acceptable. But the old rules no longer apply and Jews are no longer either vulnerable orwilling to permit themselves and their children to be slaughteredor isolated in ghettos. Jews who fight back shock the world by such inconvenient, uncomfortable stereotype-busting. Old habits die hard.Added to the grumbling at the scapegoats-become-warriors is theguilt plainly felt by Europeans at the Holocaust, and the visceralneed to absolve themselves of abominations committed only 60 yearsago. Seeking absolution, they side with Palestinian murderers, notthe Palestinian people, rationalizing that the Jews are no better,telling themselves: "They 're doing the same things we did. Gee, weweren't so bad."But it was Nazis who sent German children into battle at the endof World War II, as Arafat and the Islamic madmen, not Israelis,send bomb-laden babies to kill themselves and as many innocents aspossible in hotels, discotheques and cafes. The Nazi propagandamachine that spewed hatred, and which lives anew in Arafat's andthe Islamic extremists' deranged effort to blame Jews for their ownatrocities, is exemplified by Arafat's feigned outrage at thesurrounding of the Church of the Nativity by Israeli tanks.Arafat's cowards shot their way into the birthplace of Jesus andheld the priests and nuns hostage. Tanks wouldn't have surroundedthe church had the murderers not invaded it and were they notcontinuing to hold innocent clerics hostage. But these facts are"forgotten" in the rush to scapegoat Jews and Israel.Get used to it, folks. Jews won't be the world's scapegoats anylonger. This is unsettling for seekers of others to blame for theirown failures, but prejudice will surely find vulnerable minoritiesto bully in Jews' place. But then Jews will help the afflicted,since Jews have long and compassionate memories, having "beenthere, suffered that." The hunt for victims by the narrow-minded,amoral and incompetent will be long, but persistent. Armed withhatred and ineptitude, it will surely continue indefinitely.