LOOK LETS GET REALalmost everyone in the United States and abroad knows that by the time the big questions arose as to how truthful george bush had been to this country regarding the unilateral/solo assaut on Iraq absent the United NationsCONGRESS HAD ALREADY BEEN MISLED by the bush/cheney administrationAS WELL AS THE AMERICAN PEOPLand lets not forget that these Senators who voted against exploiting our tax dollars in an unwarranted unjust and unpopular unilateral assault on Iraq in the millions upon billionsDid so after the big question of the deception by the bush/cheney administration began to grow worldwide and here in the United States regarding the real reasons for going to Iraq and the fact that by attacking Iraqthe bush/cheney administration would be taking the eyes of the world and the concern of the country from exactly the american terrorism of the twin towers george bush allowed to happenSO LETS GET REALif george bush had followed the intelligence advice of "april 2001" perhaps thousands of twin tower terror victims would be alive todayoh but then, on whose blood and murder would the bush/cheney administration have built their political platform on? WHY THE BUSH/CHENEY ADMINISTRATION FAILED TO WARN NEW YORK?curiously enough there was also a big question surrounding some secret deals going on between Iraq and Cheney at the time chief of Halliburton during which,under the "food for oil program" Mr. Cheney did something that by the persecution of Saddam Hussein the plot was to eventually bring Saddam down so that the american media on March 19, 2004 in the midst of all the media commotion managed to blame on Saddam Hussein the "theft of 10 billion dollars through the food for oil program"AND MY QUESTION TO BUSH/CHENEY IS: WAS THIS THE REASON YOU ALL DESTROYED SADDAM AND IRAQ AND BLAMED IT ON THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION TO DIVERT ATTENTION FROM THE REAL THIEFS BEHIND THE FOOD FOR OIL PROGRAM IN IRAQ?or is this the american hitleratism of george bush to cover up their theft during the food for oil program in Iraq or does Mr. Cheney really think he can hide the fact his hands were in the dough with Saddam when they both irresponsibly abused the "food for oil program?"if george bush and cheney thought that by destroying Iraq and blaming all the "food for oil program" theft on Saddam Hussein we were going to be fooled guess what Mr. Bush? BIG QUESTIONS REMAIN AS TO THE INVOLVEMENT OF CHENEY IN THE FOOD FOR OIL PROGRAM IN IRAQ and how involved was cheney to the point of allowing 9-11 to happen to run to Iraq to finish off the only one who could point the finger at Cheney?I WOULD HOPE A WAR TRIBUNAL ALLOWS THE TESTIMONY OF SADDAM HUSSEIN TO INCLUDE THE IDENTIFY OF HIS COUNTERPARTS HERE IN THE UNITED STATES because this is critical information for the people in the United States and the citizenry who has through the abuse of the bush/cheney failed policies suffered the consequences of failed administration we are going to remove from office for beingthe biggest frauds in historyLook at the pictures they photoshopped to look real beacuse they are LIARS and will lie to YOU all the time when the have a chance http://images.indymedia.org/imc/uk/jihad.jpg