Some of you (craig) may want to blame the democrats for what the bush failed policies have caused our country but those of us who know the truth know that this 2004 election is not about what the Democrats did or did not do, or what the republicans did or did not do during their tyrant reign in Congressthis election is the retaliation for the bush/cheney failed policies and together America with our children and all future generations we shall remove from office those who have knowingly and intentionally caused harm in our country like 9-11 which george bush allowed to happenso lets get one thing clear "chica" you who likes to put all the bad blames in our country on the Democrats, that for one if today the winters are longer and the sun refuses to come out in some parts of the country it is because the atmosphere is clogged up with the bush/cheney pollution they allowed their polluter contributors to give our country so that serious cases of asthma can be atributed to polluted air being breathed by almost all Americans BECAUSE appointed "presidents" never knew the meaning of the EPA and instead allowed the polluters to take over the Whitehouse as george bush has done so lets be fair "chica"because first of all it was under the republican leadership of georgebush/ cheney/and all the republican party under which the twin tower terror happened on september 11,2001 yet Mr. bush had an opportunity in "april of 2001" to warn New York but intstead Mr. bush gave us 9-11 as if planning the terror to match with the emergency number in the United States I personally think after watching and following the rabid republican party since 1992 that there is a big plot to force our country to accept the hitlerstyle of bush and WE AS AMERICANS ARE NOT GOING TO LET HITLER JR. DRAG US INTO FURTHER MILITARY CONFRONTATIONS GOING AT IT ALL ALONE AND FOR YOU! to dare to imply through any means the idea that the United Nations is unecessary is absolutely insane and shall not be permitted because the United Nations is there to take on big causes like IRAQ OR WHAT DOES BUSH INTEND TO DO KEEP OUR SOLDIERS THERE IN SPITE OF THE WAR BEING DECLARED OVER SINCE MAY OF 2003? george bush would do the country a favor by removing himself from office for thinking he culd rape our minds our rights and our country the way he has done to the eyes of America but no longer are americans blind to the failed disastrous economic failures in our country due to this incompetent george bush who needs to bekicked out of office so stop trying to dust all the republican fraud on the democrats and if nothing else know this:The american people in the United States are not prepared to put up with another four year terror reign by the bush/cheney camp and we are going to vote all this vomitous republicans out of office so that never again can they be in a position to manipulate the needed legislature without drowning needed bills with poison pills the favoriate cheap betray by there republicans, FILL EVERY BILL WITH POISON PILLS OR TO THE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE TERM, UNRELATED LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS/PORK BILLS ATTACHED TO GOOD NEEDED LEGISLATURE WHERE EVERY STEP ALONG THE WAY THESE REPUBLICANS HAVE MANAGED TO EXPLOIT EVERYTHING FROM THE INK ON THE PAPER TO FAVORITE MOVES FOR THEIR LOBBYISTS AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICAN INSECURITY BECAUSE WE CANNOT BE SECURE WHILE THE BIGGEST FRAUDS REMAIN IN OFFICE AND WE MUST STRIFE TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THE U.S. SUPREME COURT APPOINTED MR.BUSH TO OFFICE BUT IT WILL BE OUR FAULT IF WE DONT GET UP AND ROUND UP THE VOTES IN TEXAS AND EVERYWHERE AROUND THE COUNTRY TO SEND JOHN KERRY TO THE PRESIDENCY SO THAT ONCE AND FOR ALL WE CAN REMOVE THE IRON REPUBLICAN FOOT OFF FROM OUR NECKS WHERE NO NEEDED LAWS WERE MADE SINCE THE VOMIT REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN IN OFFICE BUT WHEN IT COMES TO SPECIAL INTERESTS, THESE CORPORATIONS AND COMPANIES, MANAGED TO BUILD HIGHWAYS TO SUIT THEIR PRIVATE LAND NEEDS AND THIS IS JUST THE NAME OF THE EXPLOITATION OF A COUNTRY UNDER THE SEIGE OF WORSE THAN REBELS REPUBLICAN FRAUDS ERRAND BOYS FOR CORPORATIONSso hey bush I know you hate to be reminded but you were governor of Texas when ENRON got away with paying taxes in Texas ripping of thousand of ENRON investors oh come on bush you remember this fraud in Texas