Too many times through age and generations civilizations have come and gone and things have remained the same not because we did not want to change the bad to the good, but because we as a nation become incapacitated under a hostile government who instead of opening the doors for public information sought on seveal fronts including U.S. energy policy formulation, the bush/cheney administration has remained distant from its obligatory responsibility owed to Congress and the PeopleOn March 20,2003, the bush/cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld republican administration acted on a unilateral assault on the country of Iraq claiming the "imminent threat" of "weapons of mass destruction" when the real "weapons of mass destruction have been made available to Israel by the United States under bush/cheney to commit political targeted savage and brutal assasinationswhere nobody is safe in a mosque while the country of Israel continues to be funded by the american terrorist government of bush/cheney to commit its offensive murder plot on targeted citizens in Palestine the land where "jesus walked"Today watching the horrific actions by Israel on a handicapped and invalid citizen on a wheel chair, killing him by assassination to the eyes of the world and the "children of abraham" in the coldest bloody murder to end the peace process because by ending the peace process the song of the terrorist will never be overSo world terrorism has been unleashed and no longer is the United States or Israel safe because Ariel Sharon thought that by assassinating a leader of his people in his country he would be quieting a powerful voice who left all his diciples behind and by assassinating this great image to his people and followers thousands of terrorists have just been born ready to die in the name of revenge! for this massacre committed by Ariel SharonIt was not necessary Mr. Sharon to kill in kold blood this man coming from praying to his GOD, it was not merciful Mr. Sharon to using american military weapons attack and assault and assassinate a dfenseless victim on a wheelchair it was coward and it was brutal and it was savage and Ariel Sharon should know that his thirst for terrorism is bound to unleash world terrorismOH, BUT THIS IS WHAT BUSH AND SHARON WANTED, THEY WANTED TO DISTABILIZE WORLD PEACE ON THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD SO THAT THE TERRORISTS COULD COMMIT MASSIVE MURDERS SO THAT SHARON AND BUSH COULD MAKE UP ISSUES LIKE IRAQ TO EXPLOIT THE AMERICAN MONEY BAG USING AMERICAN BLOODSHED for what is this bloodbath in Iraq other than bush's political satanismI feel it was a big mistake to have taken for granted the massive revenge revolt this brutality by Ariel Sharon will cause so let it be understood that we the people in the U.S. we are innocent of what the bush provokes by giving Israel foreign aid and I condemn to hades Ariel Sharon for doing this murder in Palestine and for crossing over into Palestinian land to commit such brutal murder of a man on a wheel chairI condemn the bush/cheney administration also to hades, for allowing Israel to commit this unecessary slaughter which will bring big repurcussions and for giving Israel the weapons to commit murder in Palestine because I believe in my heart that unless the Palestinian People have been provoked by forced Israeli military occupation, they would have had no reason to seek vengence in their acts since forced Israeli occupation so yes Israel thou has been abusing the Palestinian People and thy has unjustly and inhumanely subjected the Palestinian Free People to hostile and unjust curfews where these free people have been imprisoned in their homes by the tyrant dictatorship of the Hitler Sharon to the eyes of the world and all under the blanket of security measuresI THINK ITS TIME TO ASK ARIEL SHARON ABOUT HIS CRIMES IN LEBANON AND ASK THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL COURT TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE DARK PAST OF ARIEL SHARON IN LEBANON BEFORE BECOMING THE DICTATOR FOR ISRAEL BECAUSE SURELY,now the road to peace is dead thanks to Ariel Sharon who has scared his people with the own Israeli terrorism committed in Palestineor did you all not know that Israel has planted terrorists in Palestine to commit violence and then blame it on the persecuted political groups who have only been forced to become terrorists, due to Israel's land grabbing ways of wanting to own the people and enslave them with curfewsHEY FAT SHARON, HOW ABOUT SETTING A CURFEW ON YOUR FAMILY AND HOW ABOUT THINKING ABOUT THE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN STARVING IN THEIR BOMBARDED HUTS, WHILE YOU FATTEN THY FAT GUT HAVE YOU NO MERCY IN THY BLACK SATANIC HEART SHARON? AND YOU BUSH, YOU ANTI CHRIST AMERICAN SATANAS,,,,,,,,,, do you think that you fool all of us and do you think it has not become apparent you approved the jamas leader assassination? AND JUST WHO IN THE HELL IS THE UNITED STATES TELLING THE WORLD THAT THEY ARE "ASKING THAT PRESIDENT ARAFAT NOT BE KILLED?" The United States under bush/cheney would do well to know that we have as a country no right to order assassinations using foreign aid to weaponize a brutal nation who has blood on their mind 24 hours a day and we cannot afford to become terrorists targets because bush and sharon want a terror platform to scare the people because hey TERRORISTS, please do not harm the innocent children, because you know who has been the devil in this generation and Iknow your anger is greater than all the pollution in the United States, and that you have a right to self defense but please leave the children out of danger and please dont hurt my country because we are hostage to a plot beyond explanation by the republican party who has forcefully occupied the Whitehouse through appointmentbecause let us never forget george bush has ransacked the surplus has had over 500 american troops killed and sent back in coffins, has placed soldiers on live land mines where american kids in uniform lost their limbs and will never be the same again, and has totally abandoned the lower and middle classes of society and caused massive joblessness so that by the time he and Ariel Sharon would terroriZe the world, this would have had taken place to the eyes of the world and about the food for oil program cheney needs to tell us what he and Halliburton or how much they ransacked with Saddam Hussein OH BUT THEY THOUGHT THAT BY ATTACKING IRAK AND KILLING SADDAM HUSSEIN THEY WOULD QUIET SADDAM HUSSEIN ABOUT HOW DEEP CHENEY HAS HIS HANDS IN THE FOOD FOR OIL PROGRAM COME ON CHENEY YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT ITS ALL HIDING UNDER THE BUSH CARPET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LETS FIND IT yes let us get to the bottom of the republican plot allowing and permitting Ariel Sharon to commit dangerous assasinations who have now placed americans at risk because george bush has blood fever and because he could have stopped this assassination he is as guilty as Ariel Sharon and what did you think bush, that you could distract the world with a hit on the Taiwan President? Maybe the plot is so big that bush really thinks he can go around knocking leaders he dont like down from office either by war or targeted assassinations like Ariel Sharon doesIf the american people dont stop george bushterrorists will because Ariel Sharon has forced them to become terrorists, like bush forced terror in Iraq, now the terrors will join because only a holy war can stop the two beasts and demonios Sharon and bush