i'm glad you recognize that it was not a good idea on Israel's part to carry out an extrajudicial execution - assassination is assasination, illegal period.my understanding is that Yassin was not the commander of Hamas and that Hamas has a non-terrorist wing, much like the IRA had Sein Fein.further, i understand that Yassin had agreed that at least for this generation, having Israel withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank was an acceptable outcome. That position is no different from that of the UN.i don't think Bin Laden should be extrajudicially executed, whether he's in a wheelchair or not. I do think he should be tried in a court of law. AS should Pinochet, as should have been Somoza, Cedras, Constant (who runs around in Queens), and Sharon, yes Sharon. I suppose you'll add Arafat.Your points still do not address the deplorable fact that the US is complicit in the assasination of Yassin - both by its silence and by the fact that its equipment was used to carry out the deed. Wasn't there something called the Leahy Amendment?Of course it won't be invoked because then AIPAC will make sure it is stricken from the books.