I can't find a link to the original news story on Russia, but you can do a search and find any number of follow up stories. BTW, it happened in Qatar.Respectfully, I think your "simple" reasoning is simplistic. To give but one example, if the attention deserved is proportional to the aid given, then the contras really didn't deserve much attention at all. And you wrote: Many countries should get NO US military aid, including Israel: Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.Well, I look forward to seeing on this page your criticisms of these nations' actions as their various misdeeds come to light. Assuming anyone is reporting them. Which brings us back to the question of the focus on Israel.You really ought to take a look at our India policy sometime. We're giving development aid (not ESF or military aid, but development aid) to an AVOWED nuclear power, that faces no dire external threat, which is "occupying" Muslim land and engaging in gross human rights violations, and which continues to upgrade and develop new missile systems. All while hundreds of millions of its people live in real misery. And some would add, while they steal jobs from hard-working Americans. That is outrageous, and deserving of a lot more attention. Maybe we could take 10 percent of the media time and space that's been devoted to Israel and direct it at India.