SHOW 20 - 09/03/02

Kill The Man Who Questions - A Study In Elitism
The Clash - The Prisoner
MDC - More Sqwak
Resilience - We Are The Ones
The Deal - Freedom Bell
Death Threat - For God and Government
Against Me - I Still Love You Julie
In Pieces - A Fitting Lie
Kill Your Idols - Can't Take It Away
Skare Tactic - This World
COC - These Shrouded Temples/Damned For All time
Misfits - Static Age
Avail - Pink Houses
Downset - Anger
Refused - Refused Party program/Protest Song '68
The Clash - Pressure Drop
The Profits - Profit Over People
Bad Brains - Soulcraft
The Cost - Nobody's Listing
Resist and Exist - Police Brutality/Dhruba
Virus Nine - Us and Them
Amebix - Arise
Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction
The Fartz - Apathy Is The Enemy/Injustice
Vio-lence - I profit
The Hope Conspiracy - Fallen
Talk Is Poison - Talk Is Poison
Sacred Reich - The American Way