SHOW 23 - 10/09/02

DRI - Reaganomics/How To Act
Fugazi - Bed For The Scraping
Conflict - Barricades and broken Dreams
Government Issue - Sheer Terror
MDC - Multi-Death Corporation
Crass - Can't Cheat Karma
Affront - Romance Is Dead
Yaphet Kotto - Torn Pictures
DOA - Class War
Refused - Liberation Frequency
Against Me - We Laugh At Danger
Aus Rotten - Apathetic
The Dils - Class War
Distillers - Sing Sing Death House
400 Blows - And The City Never Slept
7 Seconds - We're Gonna Fight
GBH - Pure Greed
Strong Intention - Economic Outpatient
The Clash - I Fought The Law
Bikini Kill - Reject All-American
SOA - Public Defender / Warzone
Stalemate - The Epic
Conflict - This is the ALF
Orchid - We Love Prison
Anti-Flag - NBC (No Bloodthristy Corporations)
DI - Comin' To Your Town
Black Flag - Spray Paint The Walls
White Flag - Rage Against The Machine are Capitalist Phonies
Anti-Flag - Bring It To An End
Avail - Not A Happy Man
Downset - Anger
Government Issue - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
Blowback - Madcow/Consumer Society/Plegaria del Sicario
Death Threat - For God and Government
Dead Serious - Delaware Hall
The Profits - Profit Over People
Hopeless Dregs of Humanity - The Plans
Trial by Fire - Steps Of
Snapcase - Exile Etiquette