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Money for jobs and not for war

In economics, there is a concept called opportunity cost - what is sacrificed when one buys something or undertakes a certain action. This concept recognizes the fact that resources and energy are finite - and that when one chooses one thing, one is also choosing not to be doing a number of other things. In most of this century, the US and many other economies have run on Keynesian economic --, that is, have infused their economies with government monies to keep things running.  However, in recent years (in the US, from President Reagan on), the government money being pumped has been in increasing shares devoted to defense (and intelligence) to the detriment of social programs. While jobs have been plentiful in the armed forces, they have not been in many other areas. The opportunity cost the government assumes in purchasing one B-1 bomber is the creation of many more jobs in fixing potholes.