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Raging wars

There are wars raging in many parts of the world, some of which have been going on for years. Countries like Afghanistan have been through civil wars and foreign occupations. Others like Mexico (Chiapas since 1994, Guerrero since 1996) are in "low-intensity" re-ignitions of old conflicts. With Colombia, it's hard to tell when the war actually began (formal creation fo the FARC in 1964? Or La Violencia beginning in 1948? Or whatever it was that lead to La Violencia?). Most wars today are intra-state conflicts: classic insurgencies or rebel movements fighting for some degree of autonomy, independence, or to change or overthrow their government (e.g. Sudan, Burundi, India (Kashmir), Turkey (southeast), Nepal, Sri Lanka). Some wars are classic border disputes, like India/Pakistan, Ethiopia/Eritrea that flare up from time to time. And a few involve a number of states, like the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Sierra Leone.