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Hermann Goering, 1893-1946, was one of Adolph Hitler's early collaborators and was elected to the Reichstag. He led German rearmament, was the architect of the German Air Force, and became its head, leading Germany's total air war against its enemies -- in particular Great Britain. Yet, he failed to prevent the Allies from wreaking havoc on Germany, and was stripped of his authority. Following his surrender to U.S. troops, he was tried for war crimes by the Nuremberg tribunals, where he was found guilty. He committed suicide shortly before his hanging.

Goering is the one reported to have commissioned Heydrich to prepare for the "total solution of the Jewish question in those territories of Europe which are under German influence." This was the euphemism for the genocide carried out against the European Jewish people by the German government led by the NAZIS, resulting in the killing of six million Jews.

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