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As you read this, someone somewhere is being tortured by a government agent. Torture is the deliberate infliction of pain, physical and/or psychological. Its application can either leave no physical scars (deprivation of sleep, food, or water) or it can be applied so severely that it kills the subject. Torture is practiced throughout the world by government security forces and their auxiliaries, as well as by insurgent or other armed actors. While it is frequently used to extract information or incriminate a subject, it is also used to produce terror. Incredibly gruesome torture killings are not so much aimed at the unfortunate victim but at that person's entire community. The effects of torture can linger even for an entire lifetime. In terms of the U.S.A., torture has figured as part of its counter-terror doctrine, and its use has been documented on the part of domestic police forces and U.S. armed forces.

Read documents detailing the use of tortune tactics in Chile by the U.S.-supported Pinochet regime