great! "surrounded" by an anti-semite, a genocidaire, and someone who never learned anything about US history or the US governmentlet's see: "Realist" shows us all that the logical conclusion of current policies is genocide - thanks for making the point that we make in our song "Fuck War"while "Doug French"s posting (thanks for that, Doug, but in the future, we'd prefer your own thoughts or observations, providing links instead for articles) highlights that we can all thank the indicted Sharon who with US weaponry made the world even more unsafe for the US - thanks Ari, thanks AIPAC!! you guys are swell!and then there's "Still Waiting" who i guess is waiting to learn who George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Paine were and what they thought -or s/he might be still waiting to read the US Constitution (try it sometime, it's RADICAL);in answer to your question, "Still Waiting" I didn't know that the NSC, State, and the CIA had rallies recently, although you could say that Afghanistan and Iraq and the Phillipines and Colombia are one big pro-terrorist rally that our tax dollars support, making us more unsafe, killing off more people, and getting the rest of the world even angrier at us (check out our lyrics to SMF)which is a bummer for the thousands of US servicemen and women who are there on good faith (not sure i'd apply this description to all) while Rice makes countless public appearances and yet refuses to testify to the 9/11 panel; clearly she has nothing to hide - which is why she's so interested in publicly testifying - i'm sure she'll want to do it under oath too!and we haven't heard from our friend who rants and raves, often making some pretty good points, but destroying his/her entire discourse with anti-semitism; so thanks for not doing the anti-semitic show