lets get real, that regardless of what statements the extreme right makes regarding the need for a new kind of leadership, the facts are that regardless of John kerry's Vietnam history, the one who has ruined our economy and caused massive job loss and totally abandoned the domestic agendahas been george bush and his croniesthis is just the truth and no matter how some of you try to smear John kerry, the next President of the Unitedj States,those of us who are familiar with the disaster bush has been for the country understand that the only way to fix the countryis by removing bush from officeand not just because of the actrocities committed in Vietnam by american soldiers while bush was in the hiding in the reserves avoiding Vietnambut because it was his party of Nixon who gave us Vietnam in a jungle where our american troops were sent to die like todays american trooops in Iraqand with all due respect to those of you who hate to hear the truth but it is very true that american soldiers in Vietnam "cut off ears of the vietnamese" because I heard this straight from a soldier who was my boyfriend in Vietnam and he told me some of the ugliest stories american troops did to the vietnamese they killed and one of their favorite torture of the dead in Vietnam was "hanging the cut ears of vietnamese from their belts" as well as "as taking every thing the dead man had" and so why some of you are having a problem with the truth I just dont understand but what I do know is that the only administration responsible for the disastrous encomomic conditions in our country is the bush/cheney administration who in the first place was not even elected to office so whatRE-ELECTION?when bush was appointed to office?hey maybe the u.s. supreme court can appoint another president to officeJohn Kerry is the only choice Americans have at this time to try to save what is left of our country being that all bush has done is attempt to disrupt dismantle and destroy the Constitution with his appointed republican cronies like that despicable john ashcroft who has exploited the security homeland act in ways of the Patriot Act because this is all corrupt republicans can doIt was not John Kerry who was President when the bush/cheney administration failed to warn New York prior to 9-11 and no matter what Candoleeza Rice tells this country under or not under oath, this Candoleeza is the worse kind of bush appointee a country could have so its not whether to or not testify under oathits that Candoleeza already already already failed to come forth honestly without having to be under oathso here we go again with another big fat lie by another liar Candoleeza as if being under oath made a difference to liars who have a one track mind of causing military chaos thinking they can be foreign advisors when WHAT EXPERIENCE AS FOREIGN ADVISOR DID CANDOLEEzA HAVE BEFORE being appointed by bush like he appointed Ashcroft, what experience did Ashcroft have in exploiting the Constitution prior to his appiontment by bush? and what experience did Rumsfeld have in directing any war that was not a failure to society on the coffins of dead american troops in vietnam in the gulf war and now Iraq and of course the war on New York by bush's failed warnings to New York when he AND CANDOLEEZA HAD THE CHANCE, these two corrupt republican crooks failed to warn society and the victims of 9-11 paid the price for Condi's and bush's betrayal to warn New York ahead of timeoh come on Candoleeza, you were nothing nor had any experience in any administration prior to being the war loving beast condi appears to be today so stop trying to blame John Kerry for the fraud the bush/cheney/rice/powell/rumsfeld administration has been for our country JOHN KERRY WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BECAUSE THE COUNTRY DEMANDS THE ATTENTION OF THE VOTERS OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORKERS AND ALL THE POOR PEOPLE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL THE CORPORATE MILLIONS BUSH HAS RAISED TO CONTINUE RAPING THE WHITEHOUSE