this message is to those of you who have recently expressed their feelings about the useless wars in vietnam and now in iraq. you think our troops did terrible things to the enemy in vietnam? you think our troops are dying for no reason in iraq. i say fuck you. you have no idea what those men have seen. just yesterday, 4 american civilians were killed in iraq, contractors who were there to help rebuild the country. they were attacked and killed. their bodies were drug through the streets and then hung from a bridge so the town could cheer about the dead americans. so they could spit on and throw rocks at their bodies. does that not anger you? does that not make you want something to be done? do you not feel like somone should react to this injustice? before that, hussein killed his own people in masses. he deserves the worst, and so do those insurgents in that country. as for the soldiers in vietnam, think about what they saw. every day they saw their friends and brothers die at the hands of the enemy. one day a local would bring them a knick-knack that they had made, and the next day they would throw a grenade at them. you would have a burning hatred and anger towards the enemy if you saw that every day as well. how did you feel when the twin towers fell? multiply that by 100. that's how those men felt after seeing that shit day in and day out for a year. it breaks a man down, and the only thing left is the base animal instinct of survival. wild and brutal survival, and anything to send a message to others could and would be done. as impossible as it is for you to understand, at least try. look at all sides of the story before you call something useless, or before you judge a man in his actions.