dear "you know who"boy, that's a lot of anger. I think you make our points very well. Both Iraq and Vietnam are/were useless wars which makes it even more horrible that so many young men and women are subjected to the horror. And for what? To stop the so-called "domino effect" and prop up the corrupt south vietnamese dictatorship of the time? To stop weapons of mass destruction that did not exist (with the Resident even going so far as to make fun of that fruitless search?).Yes, horror and horrible. All to feed politicians' LIES. The fact that so many people's lives are being destroyed does not take away from the fact that the politicans LIED us into those nightmares. Oh, yes, Gulf of Tonkin incident led us into Vietnam. Turned out that the incident was fabricated. Tens of thousands of American deaths and possibly hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese lives later, it is revealed that it was a LIE.Search the public record. Wars are based on LIES. And for that, your friends DIE. It should make your blood boil and you should become an activist AGAINST the war.Being AGAINST the war is not the same as being AGAINST the servicemen and women, despite what rabid right wingers like to say or the Bushies. I know a few men there or who could be involved myself. I don't think they're dicks or baby killers but I do know that situations like Fallujah can easily turn into Mi Lais. AND THAT SUCKS.So thank you "You know who" (I don't) for expressing your feelings and your conviction. Now, let's have a discussion without name calling and maybe we'll get somewhere.By the way, Kerry needs to dump Rand Beers. If you don't know who he is, look him up.