FACT: since the bush/cheney administration was appointed to office by the U.S. supreme court in the year 2000 massive job loss has taken over the country and the children in the United States and the public school system has been totally abandoned with the promise of forcing all the students to go to religious institutions as if any religious charity was clean enough to use religion in its teachingstoday we have unmasked the biggest hipocrits of the modern western strange and questionable lifestyle where under the robes of the priesthood, they hid their perversions while preying on the choir boysyes our religious congregations have let down the worshippers when it is now known that these perverts impersonating Christ and his teachings, had perversion on their minds and it is this extreme right religious corruption by priests in their black gowns which supports the republican partyor why else does the republican party pry and invade a womans right to her medical decisions? and why is it al right for an extreme right winger like Rush limbaugh to indulge in his medical addiction and exploite the airwaves under the influence of a dangerous drug and not alright for women to make thier body decisions in medical thier medical privacy?The republican party has spat on women's right to her medical privacy and has interfered in a woman's right to choose not because it has the medical expertise to act as a medical intruder but because the republican party wants to mix religious myth with the federal government and I say to bush and his cronies who invade our bedrooms and the right of women to choosewe will not be female slaves to the republican party and the right to our medical privacy has been invaded because this is the only political weapons republicans have learned to bleedand when it came to health issues of americans,where were the republicans? arresting gays in thier bedrooms in Texas and invading every womans right to her own medical decisions so hey bush, you might be able to tell Laura Bush and the twin girls, what to do with thier bodies but you cannot tell the rest of the women what to do with our reproductive organs because until you have a female private part, how can your par de testiculos sir, if any, tell us women what to do when mr. bush you dont even know the experience of childbirth or labor pains or menstrual cycles? so just where does the republican party come in trying to tell women what to do with thier bodies? and why dosent mr.bush and the republican party tell men to stop taking viagara? Women have been persecuted by the republican party and we aim to put a stop to this abusive humilation of women under republican administrations do you hear me right wingers? that this is the year 2004 and it is no longer 1940 but it feels like we have returned to the ignorance of the sixtys in the racial continuity the bad treatment of colored americans where more minority colored soldiers in Iraq have been killed since this massacre by bush in Iraq started,so what has the republican party given americans if they took everything from us? and when instead of giving us medical access,they sided with their pill making buddies in the pharmacies to make americans their guinea s or why else under the bush administraton have more pills made it to market without being really investigated as to their side effects?today the only entities in society who have benefited under the bush/cheney regime have been big business and big lobbyists and no longer is our country safe when we start attacking foreign territories who did not attack us and today we ourselves under the bush regime,have taunted the world terrorism with the promise of delivering to the death squads in Iraq our troops on the bush silver platter, so there "may be no silver bullet" TO HAVE PREVENTED 9-11 LIKE cANDOLEEZA SAID, but we sure have delivered our american troops on a silver platter to the death squads in the cemetary of Iraq under george w. bush the american tryant !