Mr. CraigYou say: "Never responding is no better than always responding". So sometimes responding and sometimes NOT responding is fine, is that what you're saying?I guess that's what our government has been doing actually. Going after Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan for their roles in 9/11, sometimes respond.Forgiving Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family for their roles in 9/11, sometimes don't respond.I'm not trying to be a wiseass, I understand that the terrorists have to be dealt with, we cannot "do nothing". But it's painful to watch a situation like what is happening right now in Fallujah. A horrible, sickening act was played out before our eyes with the killing of the four security officers. We've now responded and hopefully can catch those responsible. But at what price?The losers will be the innocents of Fallujah and then quite possibly an innocent journalist, not to mention American GIs.A ceasefire was called so that women and children can be evacuated, men are being turned back. Will the destruction of Fallujah and killing of some innocents justify the capture and/or killing of the guilty. Will the realatives of the dead innocents now be inspired to wage violence as payback thus continuing the unending cycle.Where does it end? What is the solution? I don't have the answer but more violence doesn't seem to be working.On a side note, aren't we approaching the anniversary of "Mission Accomplished".