sooner rather than later our country is going to have to allow a woman president at some point in time and who better than Hillary Clinton who is a role model for many women in our country and the world and who understands the challenges of fighting the vomitous corrupt political parties who only know how to destroy the country and economyand either as vice president or president, Hillary will be a great asset for the United States because she has the experience of the Whitehouse already and because she is familiar with the countrie's problems so those of you who say "never"NEVER TO WHAT? TO THE FACT THAT IT IS ABOUT TIME THE CHILD BEARERS HAVE SOME RESPECT IN THIS COUNTRY?OR "NEVER" TO THE FACT THAT JUST YESTERDAY WOMEN WERE THE SLAVES OF MEN WHO HAD TO WAIT ETERNITIES TO VOTE?NEVER? WHY SOME OF YOU ARE STILL IN THE FRAME OF MIND OF WOMEN BASHING AND LEAVING WOMEN OUT OF IMPORTANT PLACES IS BEYOND MOST OF AMERICAN FACES AND some of us just dont understand why women continue earning less mediocre salaries then men and why women are not allowed in the Vatican could it be that that the male population wants to control the world to in offensive slaughters cause massive death like in Iraq?or could it be that the male population wants the Vatican all to themselves so that they could hide from us the mothers of the children the truth behind the perversity in many priests who fondled children I mean I just dont get it how little boys could be safer with perverted priests, than with the maternal love of a child bearer but here we are still in the year 2004 banning women out of places where only the male populations are allowed to rule so yeah, you males may have all the power in the vaticano pretending to be followers of Christ, but when the truth has been uncovered about the priest perversion WHERE WAS CHRIST WHEN THESE PRIESTS WERE FONDLING LITTLE BOYS AND WHERE WAS THE VATICANO FULL OF MEN, TELLING THE CHILDREN TO BE CAREFUL WITH THE FONDLING ROBES IN THE CHURCH?women in this country have been deprived of equal status in society not because men were worth more since they could give birth to children, but because in the lust to be like women many men are now marrying men, pretending to be womenand to this level of degeneration the male population has befallen,to wanting to be women rather than marrying a real woman, some men just dress up a man and pretend he is a woman and is this the same world male population trying to tell us that only Texas ball park appointed wimps can be "presidents?"george bush and cheney are the biggest terrors in the world today and cheney under halliburton knows very well, that he ripped off thousands of dollars under the Iraqi food for oil program this is my friends and foes why cheney helped force the attack on IRAQ SO THAT BY THE TIME THE FOOD FOR OIL PROGRAM QUESTIONS BEGAN TO SURFACEGUESS WHERE WOULD SADDAM BE?exactly, so cheney knew that as chief of halliburton he had pulled some dirty deals in Iraq and the only way to discredit the President of Iraq, was to tear his country up so that like that, Saddam Hussein would be incomunicado with the world by the time the food for oil program questions came around and I mean this is what bush/reagan did to Manuel Noriega, they got him locked up and threw away the key and refused to allow the court who oversaw the Noriega trial to play for the american people the "Noriega Tape" where it would show that bush was up to his neck in Iran Contra but this is how crooks get away with murder and then it was bush and reagan and now it is bush and cheney trying to get away with all the murders in Iraq but I dont think this time it is going to be that easy because bush has not only caused massive american coffins in Iraq but was the governor of Texas when ENRON ripped thousands of stock investors and thenbush appointed an ENRON executive to be secretary of the army,Thomas Whitewho by the way was fired shortly after on October of 2001, Thomas White found the time to rake in his ENRON stockso the situation in our country has been made very dangerous by the incompetent appointed thief of the presidency and our country will pay the price of that everyone can be assured unless, we make it known to the world that we intend to never allow the republican political corruption to destroy foreign countries as bush has done in Iraq who had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! TO DO WITH 9-11 AND BY THE WAY WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WHEN IT IS AMERICAN "500 POUND" BOMBS DESROYING THEIR RELIGIOUS MOSQUES IN THE MOST HOLY OF DAYS?and why are other countries placing their troops at risk in this massacre in Iraq by bush/cheney?AND WHY DID BUSH REFUSE TO ALLOW THE U.N. TO TAKE CHARGE OF TJHIS VERY SERIOUS SITUATION HE HIMSELF CREATED WHICH IS COSTING MANY AMERICAN LIVES?because if he had allowed the U.N. to take charge,mr.bush would be facing tribunals about 9-11 questions and how in his black heart he could find the act of denying the american people the information in the "AUGUST 6, 2001 MEMORANDUM OF THREAT TO THE U.S."so its not hard to break the bush evil pattern of deciet and deception to our country if only some of you had the courage to face the truth about the disaster bush/cheney have been for our country and how it would be irresponsible on our part to allow this republican maggots in the whitehouse to carry on their evil doings in the muslim world the bush/cheney/candoleeza/rumsfeld appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court Administration had an obligation responsibility and duty to the American People and our country on "august 6, 2001" to warn the american people about terror threats to the U.S. by known terror cellsyet the bush/cheney/candoleeza/rumsfeld appointed Whitehouse AdministrationFLATLY REFUSED TO WARN AND FAILED TO WARN AMERICANS OF THE AUGUST 6, 2001 FBI/CIA MEMORANDUM TO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCHbecause like this over three thousand people in New York would meet their deaths in the twin tower terror because bush likes to see american blood spilled in terror so lets stop trying to place the blame on the Democratic Party because IF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT HAD ALLOWED THE POPULAR ELECTORAL VOTE TO ELECT OUR PRESIDENTinstead of appointing the biggest thief and wimp of the taxpayers purse which is george bushOUR COUNTRY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN BETTER HANDS UNDER A DEMOCRATand now some of you want to place the blame for the bush faults in his administration on the Democratic Party when it was also misled in Congress by bush's lies about Iraq? THE BUSH/CHENEY/RICE/RUMSFELD APPOINTED ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN AND IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE SOLE RESPONSIBLE PARTIES FOR LYING TO THE COUNTRY AND CONGRESS ABOUT THE REASONS TO ATTACK IRAQ AND WHAT BUSH HAS DONE IN IRAQ IS UNFORGIVABLE AND UNFORGETTABLE BECAUSE WE LOST THE MOST FOR THE FEW GAINS WE HAVE MADE IN IRAQ OR WHAT HAVE WE GAINED BY IGNITING THE PASSIONS OF REVENGE AND AMERICAN TROOPS ARE SPILLING THEIR BLOOD ON THE DIRT OF IRAQ?DID WE GET THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION THE INSPECTORS ON THE GROUND WERE HUNTING FOR WHEN BUSH ATTACKED IRAQ AND THOUGHT HE COULD BE MORE THAN THE WORLD?AND DO WE AS AMERICANS FEEL LEFT OUT OF THE MEDIA COVERAGE OF THE AMERICAN MASSACRE IN AFGHANISTAN OR DOES THE FACT THE BUSH/CHENEY ADMINISTRATION PLACED ITS OWN CHOICE OF LEADERSHIP IN AFGHANISTAN AID IN THE ASSISTANCE TO KEEP THE TRUTH HUSHED HUSHED BECAUSE JUST WHERE IS OSAMA BIN LADEN, THE BUSH BUSINESS PARTNER?AND WHY ARE WE RISKING AMERICAN TROOPS ON THE DESTRUCTION OF RELIGIOUS PLACES IN IRAQ WHEN THERE IS NO INDICATION THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ARE HIDING IN THE MOSQUE WALL?SOMEBODY EXPLAIN TO THE TERRORISTS OUT THERE THAT IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT BUSH DID THIS TO OUR COUNTRY OR THEY MIGHT BEWANTING TOTAKE IT OUT ONTHE PEOPLE WHAT THAT BASTARD DID TO THEIR COUNTRYhey bush,how about telling the american people why you failed to warn new york of the august 6, 2001 memo?hey there so called "american" you cannot really be from this country if you are trying to blame the bush faults on the Democratic Party and you cannot really be saying the truth when refering to the U.N. by calling it a "snakepit" because for one the only snakepit is the bush whitehouse and the only destructive force in this country who has caused massive job loss has been the bush/cheney administration so please set your sorry record straight because the democracy of the peace rather than war as bush prefers is a very big democracy around the world and mothers and fathers would rather have their troops safe at home than with scattered limbs on the bush bloodrivers of Iraqbut I can understand trying to make fools understand the truth because because most ofthe time they turn their face from the facts and the ones paying the price are our young brainwashed troops in the second Vietnamso let us be fair in placing the blame where it belongs because remember peopleON AUGUST 6, 2001, BUSH/CHENEY/RUMSFELD/RICE failed to warn the people of this country the same people they ripped off in the 2000 elections because this is all treasonous traitors to the country can do and it is not fair to try to tell the people or this forum that the democratic party needs any ammunition to attack bush because bush has opened up the biggest graves on foreign soil all by himself with his republican cronies because remember people it is now 2004 and in 2000, bush was forced by appointment to office and it was bush who was "commander in chief" when he ordered the assault on Iraq dont you all remember when that republican maggot blinked his eyes and told us in his idiot voice that the threat "by Iraq was imminent?" BUSH LIED AND RUMSFELD KEEPS LYING AND CANDOLEEzA THINKS SHE IS GETTING AWAY WITH HER LIES BUT GUESS WHAT BLACK NAZI CANDOLEEZA, THOU WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO FART ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE YOU BASTARDA REPUBLICANA TRAITOROUS TO THE COUNTRY