You folks seem to have lost all sense of decorum and decency. You seem to be without any guiding principles except to win at any cost and to otherwise to go to any length to force your Socialist ideas upon your fellow Americans while using government power in myriad ways, both occult and overt, to rob them of their substance and their liberties while accumulating power and special privileges unto yourselves. You have accellerated your long-standing and shameful practice of exploiting the gullible and uneducated among us with all manner of lies, false promises, and artful double talk, while actively compromising their freedom and opportunity for self-betterment in any number of devious ways. You work tirelessly to undermine and erode legitimate national undertakings, and lose no opportunity to attempt to subvert our national sovreignity to that corrupt snakepit laughably known as "The United Nations" as well as to such monstrous horrors as "The World Court". You put forward and vigorously support all manner of liars and scoundrels, not excluding Ku Klux Klansmen and murderers, installing these in public office by hook or by crook, to the great detriment of our national interests, and you continue your vehement support of these liars and scoundrels, often for decades, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence of their unfitness and even criminality. I would have to be far gone in extremism... an extremism of FOOLISHNESS, to consider supporting your absurd presidential ticket