To whomever addressed me in post 1135, thanks for the forum recommendation. I will check it out.I visit this site because I know someone in the band, and I would say that in my experience at least some of the "socialists" who post here will debate some issues if one addresses them respectfully. Those who ask them how the "pro-terrorist" rallies or protests went usually draw responses in kind. Nor am I above dropping the occasional rhetorical bomb.But what I'd really like is some response from those on the right on some issues, because I don't get their reasoning much of the time. Even assuming post 1136 is true, why should I care about Kerry's botox, his wives, his homes, or his bike? I'd really like to hear a response to the article that I posted, as well. Because leaving aside for a moment the issue of torture as policy, one might also notice that, just as in Vietnam, it shows that politics is taking precedence over and determining military operations and that administration politicians and bureacrats are making decisions that those in the field are better qualified to make. Isn't that a legitimate concern, whether you supported the war or not, or have come to the same conclusion as Congressman Bereuter?But poster 1135 is likely correct that I will not find such discussion here. Just those on the political fringes calling each other names while being completely oblivious to the real concerns and everyday challenges facing the majority of Americans. But I'll check back from time to time to see what's up.