I commend for your reading pleasure "Imperial Hubris" by Anonymous, a current CIA analyst. If anyone had any doubts about how dire the situation really is, this will dispell them. Isn't it funny how they now bury the news of the war dead in related stories? Yesterday, the Post reported the war dead in another story; today, injuries were reported in a story about the Italians.And why does the media continue to play dead on the topic of not filming the return of coffins? Yeah, about respect... what a crock that excuse is! It's all about controlling the spin.Speaking of George's Daydream, a song by us, look for it in the LYRICS part of this site, Mayor Williams got the Expos to come to Washington. Schools are still crumbling...Of course, he has to get the City Council to move fast becaues when the new City Council comes in, in january, three stadium supporters won't be there because they got the boot by the voters.Finally on this rant, isn't it funny how Cuban terrorists are welcomed to Miami - and when Israel engages in assassinations it's called "self-defense." The war on terror is a LIE - it's the same old imperial hubris with a different name.