Before I get to the stadium issue, let me join a part of your rant about casualties by decrying the report that the Bush Administration plans to cut VA staff even as the backlog for processing claims continues to grow. This is the same crowd that demands that we all support the troops, but refuses to make the difficult choices that would assure that the troops get everything that they need.You know that I'd support their fixing the schools and all the other public infrastructure. And I don't know where all the money goes, but my impression is that the system is broken down; I certainly don't think it's all being sucked up by a bunch of overpaid teachers. And to quote a certain ex-Senator, one does get the feeling that it would be just more money down the rathole. I can tell you that we here in Maryland have been pumping money into Baltimore for years and things don't seem to have improved there either.The stadium project seems to offer an opportunity to redevelop a quite blighted area of DC, and some seem to think will also lead to the clean up of the Anacostia. IF it works, it should bring in new jobs, housing, and business, and increase tax revenues in the long term.Don't know if you read the artcle that I referenced, but it points out that the city has directed about $400 million in public funds into Ward 8 in the last three years.Although you consider the team, and I think professional sports in general, to be a diversion, you should not dismiss the fact that regardless of how you feel there are people of all economic backgrounds who derive enjoyment from it. (There have been studies correlating work production and the success of a town's football team -- this may explain why Congress is doing such a lousy job the last few years). Surely some DC residents who want a team are paying taxes to fund projects and institutions that you value but that they don't frequent.And the city council is still in session, isn't it? It's not like they've been called back into a lame duck session. And how many executive orders did Clinton issue on his way out the door, just for the sake of making Bush overturn them?