good points, as usuali'm particularl;y interested in the productivity-football success study - do you happen to remember a source?you're right - council is in session BUT it is a lame duck session for several of them; funny article about the junket Mayor Williams and other members of the council are taking to China and Thailand. Councilmember Evans is quoted as saying something ot the effect that he doesn't want to be around all the people that are anti-stadium; kind of dove-tails with Mayor Williams' remark quoted yesterday that people railing against it are nothing more than populist grandstanders.I agree that the revaitalization arguments appear sound but something about the gazillionaire baseball owners who are going to make a pretty penny not ponying up anything, while the city's decay cntinues, seems fundamentally flawed.I also agree that the system is broken. But i don't think giving major league a baseball stadium is the way to do it.Finally, you're right, i'm not drawn to sports but that doesn't mean that i'd deny someone else the right to watch and be entertained by sports. But that is different from thinking that we should be prioritizing a give-away stadium when there's so much more pressing work that needs to be done.