hey bro, the LA weekly article is almost three years old.That being said, thanks for posting the link, instead of cutting and pasting.no one here is into sugarcoating, not Hussein's record, not the Reagan Adminisntration's bolstering of him during the Iran-Iraq war, not the Soviet Union's record, not FBI tampering of evidence on Peltier, not Bush's lying to the nation about weapons of mass destruction, not the dismal failure that the war in iraq continues to betell you what, we'll continue to avoid sugar-coating history, but you do the same, yeah?on the mumia case, which you must be fond of, the fact of the matter is that there is no reliable or clear cut account of what happened that night in Philly. Clearly someone killed the policeman but the circumstances do apepar to be quite muddled. (can you tell me the policeman's name, please, so that i do not refer to him as an anonymous public servant? thanks a lot)and yes, ANSWER has its own views, as does the other much broader coalition, UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICEpeople of all strips, shapes and sizes, ages, political opinions, all march, united in the opposition to this idiotic and senseless warwe despise the lies on which it was basedwe despise the wanton bloodletting that continues to occurwe despise the waste of resources that this iswe need the national guard in Louisiana, not in Baghdadoh, and we do need to deal with finding alternative forms of energy so that we do not depend on foreign sources of oiland while we're at it. let's stop consuming so much energywastefulirresponsiblebad newstake good care of yourselflet go of some of that hateyou'll feel so much better