Thank you Frankie for bringin' up the topic of conservation, it's a timely subject, one that we all should be topicin' on. As I mentioned in my speech yesterday: "We can all pitch in ... by being better conservers of energy". We need to adopt a policy of what I like to call "commonsense conservationism''. Let's not get that confused with "commonsense creationism" cuz we all know that's just good 'ol commonsense.Now where was I, oh yeah "commonsense conservationism". Here's a few ways I'd suggest you commonsensely conserve on your own.#1 Don't drive#2 Don't drive, UNLESS you're the Post Office or an EMT or a Fire Department or an Airline or a FEMA First responder or Police or Government Official or Airforce One pilot.#3 NO BARBEQUE!!! (with gas or oil) Charcoal still OK!#4 Avoid traffic jams#5 Do NOT waste energy drilling for oil (U.S. territory only)#6 All Gas is now Premium Gas#7 Cheney's Gas is still nasty Gas. ZING!!! (had to throw that one in C-Dog)#8 Lawnmowing = Terrorism#9 Hand-pump fuel whenever possible#10 Ride a bike fool!!!As always I enjoy yer support and I'd like to thank the boys of BackBlow for keepin' this forum so Democtatic.GWB #43