That is indeed one fo the definitions of stupid. An inability to learn from one's mistakes.This morning Chalmers Johnson, author of among other works the book BLOWBACK, discussed that ever since the creation of the CIA and its clandestine army, not one president has failed to use this clandestine capacity. Each time that dirty tricks have been used, sooner or later they've blown back to the US. Originally blowback referred only to disinformation campaigns that would end up in US media. Disinformation now appears to be par of the course for the current Administration with the sycophantic media more than willing to play along.Why? For access. In its best light, this play for access is described as part of the job, almost a payment that the journalist has to make. And that is in its best light. In a different light, one could see this quest for access as a gradual co-optation in which one is a willing player, part of an inside group of "those who know." Quite insiduous in Washington but not exclusive to it; much more of a universal phenomenon that any of us would like to admit. You can see it in any playground.