Hey Frankie,Your comments about journalist access reminded me of a recent Lefsetz letter about the Geffen/Clinton/Obama mudslinging:----------"In other words, Maureen Dowd doesn't know how the game is played, she's got no EXPERTISE! She gave David Geffen an open forum, not realizing where he was coming from and what he wanted to accomplish. David Geffen charmed and manipulated Maureen Dowd and she had NO IDEA! She just thought she had a scoop, and was thrilled to evidence her access.They don't give you access unless they want something. That's Entertainment Business 101. They're not really your friend, they're not doing you a favor, they're serving THEIR OWN NEEDS!"http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2007/02/26/the-geffen-flap/