Song 3907
"The crisis in [the West Bank city of ]Hebron... has at its core a disregard for human rights and international humanitarian law... including excessive use of force by IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] soldiers against unarmed Palestinian demonstrators; unlawful killings by IDF soldiers; unacknowledged assassinations of suspected Palestinian militants; attacks by Palestinian gunmen directed against Israeli civilians...."

-- Human Rights Watch in CENTER OF THE STORM: A Case Study of Human Rights Abuses in Hebron District, April 2001

Crisis in the Middle East
Israel can do no wrong
Thieves of land and settlers
Shooting into Arab mosques

We pretend to take no side
But we all know that's a lie
Don't you dare start asking why
Congress playing with AIPAC

Then the suiciders strike
Horror dancing in the streets
Chimp man saying we must war
Afghanistan equals Vietnam