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SONG 3907



In 1947, the United Nations set aside territory from Palestine for Jews. The Jews declared the state of Israel and repelled a Palestinian and Arab attack. The Jordanians took the West Bank while the Egyptians took the Gaza strip, part of the land the U.N. set aside for the Palestinians. Six hundred thousand Palestinians were displaced.

In 1967, Israel launched the Six Day War, seizing territory from Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. The U.N. passed Resolution 242 asking withdrawal. Instead, Israeli authorities ignored settlers entering the occupied lands in 1968. Following the Yom Kippur War, the U.N. passed Resolution 338, reaffirming Resolution 242.

Several U.N. resolutions have called on the return of land as well as the right of return of Palestinians, however Israel ignores or encourages settlements in occupied or disputed lands. Among these settlers are violent extremists who apply vigilante justice and even attack and murder fellow Jews.

April 7 2002 Jerusalem Press Conference

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