BLOWBACK - Track III - SMF (Sad Motherfucker)

"Noriega was also fond of Old Parr Scotch. We drank a lot of Scotch together and always got along rather well."

-- Duane "Dewey" Clarridge, former Chief of Latin American Division of the CIA in A Spy for all Seasons, p.237, 1997. Clarridge was indicted on seven felony counts - six for making false statements to Congress and one to the Tower Commission. Pardoned by Bush Sr. on December 24, 1992, in one of the biggest cover-ups in recent history.

Read about Special Forces activity in Iraq at Between The Lines:

Do you remember that
War that we fought that was
Never declared by Congress that was
Instigated by the CIA and we
Used our Special Forces who worked with
Death Squads that
Tortured to death tons of innocent people and
Turned a drug profit?
Does it sound familiar?