Death squads are yet another element in the cowardly government's arsenal. These are groups of thugs, often security personnel, which engage in lethal illegal activity like extrajudicial executions or "disappearances" of actual or perceived government opponents. While these groups target the government's enemies, the government claims not to have any control over them - or even knowledge about them. Such groups have existed in Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and many other countries. The government's hand is revealed not only by the identity of the victims but also by the fact that these groups of heavily armed men usually operate in heavily-militarized areas and never are bothered by official military road blocks - or by the fact that when legal investigations are initiated, the legal authorities seem particularly inept. Often a defector with a guilty conscience will disclose details of the operations, many of which are corroborated.

One such organization is DINA, which existed in Chile in the 1970s under Gen. Augusto Pinochet. The following documents detail the anatomy of a death squad.