The following is a U.S. Department of Defense document discussing the violent tactics employed by DINA, dictator General Augusto Pinochet's secret police in Chile during the 1970s. The cover of Blowback's album Track III shows La Moneda, the Presidetial Palace of Chile, in flames during the coup d'etat instigated by the CIA on September 11, 1973. The democratically elected Marxist government of Salvador Allende was violently overthrown by the Chilean military, of which Pinochet was the Army Commander. Pinochet remained in power until 1990. His regime was responsible for the executions, extrajudicial killings, and "disappearances" of more than 3,000 people, while thousands more were tortured, beaten, and arbitrarily detained by the Chilean armed forces.

Declassified documentation of the violent practices of (U.S.-supported) Pinochet's secret police in Chile.