Anti-Unions,Yeah,maybe you're right.Maybe we should go back to the good ole' days. The days of 16+ hours a day. For little pay. Hell,I'm all for it! Sign me up! Maybe I could live on company property. Of course,my rent would be more than what I earned but what the hell. And then I'd get to pay overated prices for food at the company store,but since my pay would be little,I'd have to owe it to the company.And my family and I wouldn't have no health insurance,but that's ok.I wouldn't complain.If I did,I'd be out on the street...if I was lucky.Or maybe they would just call me a "red" and hang me.Yes,complaining wouldn't be an option. Yes,the bosses would own my body and soul but what the hell,capitalism must prevail and it's my patriotic duty to make sure it does!Yes,I think you're right! It sure sounds like a good idea.Where can I sign up?