Numb-nuts, I didn’t say change the labor laws. Maybe if you had a real job, you could actually see reality. Step away from the amps and open your foolish eyes. The year is 2002 not 1902. What a waste of space you and your kind are. Progressives? What are you calling yourselves today?What you are describing was when the pendulum swung too far to one direction. This statement is also true for today’s unions. The middle is where everyone benefits. Open up your mind, you Birkenstock wearing schmuck! That kind of response is so typical of you leftists. You are such extremists. Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think. By the way Bob, aren’t you a self-employed musician? Don’t you work hard for what you earn in this capitalist society? Don’t you pay your own taxes? Aren’t you outraged when you think about the vermin drug-addicted slime leaching off of the system every time you write those tax payments? What about the illegal aliens flooding into the Border States? Do you think about them as well when you write those checks? I doubt it very seriously that you would be working for someone else now that you have tasted free enterprise as a self employed musician & businessman. Look around man. It’s about survival of the fittest. That goes for the human race as well.