from a little bird with good solid info - i don't id the little bird because it was an informal communication and i don't know whether this was fact-checked - but it's interesting, very interesting:Argentine Judge Canicoba has just ordered the arrest of 45 Argentine military officers and one civilian on the basis of Judge Garzon's extradition request, which was reissued July 8th. There is currently a decree put in place by De la Rua that says that Argentina won't extradite Argentines to third countries for crimes committed at home, but the new Argentine President, Kirchner, has stated publicly that he plans to eliminate that decree (he's also talked about eliminating the Argentine amnesty laws) and his Foreign Minister has stated for the record, "if they can't be tried here, they will be tried in other countries." It sounds pretty wild, but so did the arrest of Pinochet at one point, so I just thought you might want to know.